Monday, October 27, 2008


So trying to find some sort of normality in Asia, I made my way to Beerfest! I left Singapore and travelled across the border to Jahor Baharu, Malaysia. Sounds simple but here's how the trip went. I caught a train for 15 min to a train station near the border, but the bus was broke down. I got back on the train for another 10 min to catch another bus. It was meant to hold about 40 people but you know these crazy asians... we fit at least 70 on there. Finally we made it to the border, as i tried to leave Singapore I was detained by Customs agents. Apparently i have been living in Singapore on an expired Visa. Whoops, now i know how it feels to live in southern Cali. Hahaha. Eventually i was released by the Singaporean authorities, where we then stood in a 2 hour line in the dead heat of the afternoon to be stamped in to Malaysia. All i can say about that is WOW!!! Once we crossed into Malaysia... Hot, sweaty, tired, and in dire need of refreshment we could almost smell beerfest. Somehow our guide talked us into walking a mile to save money on a cab ride. So instead of spending 11 ringot it only cost about 6 ringot. So you know that is only about 1.40 US. We live; we learn right? We finally arrived at the hotel. Washed up, got changed into our drinking clothes and proceeded to beerfest. We sang, we danced, and we competed. I haven't drank that much beer since well.... I don't think i have ever drank that much. That says alot. It was a good time, and the border crossing was worth it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wonderful World of Potty Training

Lat weekend Makenzie and I were working on potty training and she was in big girl underware which she loved. I would give her the option of a diaper or big girl underware and more times than not the big girl underware won out. So, Makenzie is slowly getting into the process of potty training and last night seemed to be monumental. She actually used the potty, she said "poop" and starting throwing a fit so I immediately took her to the bathroom and she did her business. It was pretty cute how proud of herself she was. Unfortunately, even if she is just wet she says poop but we are completing the stage of her telling us that she is wet. I am curious to see how long it takes to get her fully potty trained.

I wasn't aware of how frustrating it was going to be to potty train...but it is still one of those moments that makes being a mom so rewarding when they finally get the hang of it. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So True

A couple of my sorority sisters had this in their profiles and it couldn't be more true. My husband is in the Navy and I think this how most of our bad nights went. =)

Mommy's little helper

Well, Makenzie is growing up so fast and LOVES to help me. It seems that whenever we go grocery shopping I need to have a bag that is light enough for her to carry otherwise she gets upset. This weekend is no exception when she helped mom make halloween cookies. From the pictures above you can see her enthusiasm.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pictures of Makenzie 10/08

She is actually saying cheese!
Pretending the banana is a telephone! Such a cutie...

So, I couldn't resist putting this picture up! I know that she will hate me later in life for this, but she didn't want to put any pants on!

It's been a rough week

So, starting last weekend Makenzie was sick and than i thought okay no biggie. Well, than Tuesday my mom called to tell me that my step-dad had heart complications and was sent to the hospital by ambulance. I was hoping for better news than I got, but by Friday we had finally gotten better news. My step-dad next Thursday will go in for an angioplasty which is easier than the open heart we thought was going to happen. So, need less to say this week has been a little difficult and that would be part of the lack of blogging.

Makenzie is feeling better and had calamari last night at dinner and absolutely loved it. I am so excited with the fact that she will try anything, may not like everything but will at least try it. She also had fish sticks and tasted my shrimp, I think she doesn't mind eating those things because they have a crispy outside. Guess, I will have to try shrimp without the breading and see how that step at a time.

Keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't have an ear infection, she was pulling on her ear a little bit not a lot, but enough to make me wonder. I figure that if she says it still hurts on Tuesday I will make an appointment for her at the doctors. It's so hard to tell when she is sick because she tends to be the happiest sick kid EVER...even last weekend she was in a good mood with a stomach bug. Well, that's all for now...I will put up some more pictures later today or tomorrow off to the park we go.