Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun in the Sun

So, the weekend before last we had a gorgeous weekend and Makenzie took full advantage of it. On Saturday we played in the backyard which she was SO excited about. It's amazing how often she will ask to go outside to play and I have to tell her no, because it's to cold, it's raining or it's to dark. Now all that has changed and Makenzie absolutely loves it. While enjoying the fabulous weather she got to play in her house from grandma and grandpa, use her mini slide set and play ball with Ty. After all the playing it still took everything I had to get her back in the house for lunch and a nap.
She loves her house and was SO happy to finally get to use it outside. I had it set up in the house for awhile so she could play with it and I can say that she ate dinner in there several d
Yes, she is just in crocs, underwear and a tank top. She refused to put pants on and just wanted to play outside, don't we all have those moments? At least she was in the backyard and not the front.