Monday, March 30, 2009

Tricycle Fun

So, I love daylight savings time. Okay, well I don't LOVE it the first couple of days after but I LOVE it now and so does Makenzie. With the extra time it allows the two of us to explore outside and play. For instance to day after getting home we went outside to finally try out the new tricycle she got for Christmas from g-pa and g-ma. She is still getting use to the whole pedal and steer process, but she had a blast. I love watching how she gets things for the first time and how much she enjoys being outside. It will be so nice when the weather is finally nice enough all the time to do things outside. Here are some pictures from her first offical time on the tricycle.

Makenzie up by the house getting ready to try it out

She's got her game face on...

Always have to check behind you to make sure that there aren't any cars coming...

All smiles after a successful first ride outside!

One last bit of information is that we will get to spend a week and a half with Jason. I couldn't be more excited to see him and for him to get some quality time with Makenzie...I will post again sometime in the next few weeks with the update from Jason's trip.